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North Korea threatens to launch nuclear strike on Australia “if persist in following the US Moves”

-Agency Reports North Korea has threatened a nuclear strike on Australia. The country turned its sights on Australia, after Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said North Korea would be subject to further sanctions. North Korea’s state-run KCNA news agency quoted a foreign ministry spokesman accusing the Australian foreign minister of “spouting a string of

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Russia calls on US to ‘ceasefire’, as Trump launches Second attack on Syrian town

-ANIETIE UDOBIT, The GUARDIAN Russia’s deputy ambassador on the security council, Vladimir Safronkov, has angrily told the United States it should halt any military action against the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.He made this at the UN: “We call on the United States to immediately cease its aggression and to join

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North Korean hackers attack Nigerian banks, Kaspersky says

-ANIETIE UDOBIT,Agency reports A Russian online cyber security firm, Kaspersky, Thursday, alleged that North Korean hackers are allegedly attacking banks in Nigeria and 18 other countries. Kaspersky sees this development as the biggest bank heist in world history. Reports said banks and security researchers had previously identified four similar cyber-heists attempt on financial

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