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This couple says having sex with other people keeps their marriage strong

Caters News Agency   Laura and Mike Leonard, both 28, have been happily married for three years. Their secret to a successful union? Sleeping with other people. Since getting married in 2015, the Leonards have practiced polyamory, or having multiple romantic partners. Both have slept with more than 10 other people outside of

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 “I don’t mind staying single if I can’t find a suitable partner”, China battles decline rate of marriages

Agency Reports   As China becomes richer and more powerful under President Xi Jinping’s first five-year term, the country is grappling with a profound shift: marriage rates are going down while divorces are rising sharply. The trend, already prevalent in developed economies, has much more serious implications for China: It badly needs

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UNITY TIMES announces Atiku Abubakar as 2017 Annual Lecture Series Keynote Speaker for October 31

ANIETIE UDOBIT, ABUJA   The Board and Management of Benthel Multimedia Ltd, publishers of UNITY TIMES, has announced the former Nigeria Vice president Alhaji Atiku as Keynote Speaker for 2017 UNITY TIMES Annual Lecture Series holding on Tuesday October 31. The announcement was made in a statement by the Company Chief Executive Officer,

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