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How your saliva can help you find the perfect roommate

  A UK room-rental firm has started a service using DNA analysis to match apartment renters with the most compatible roommates. SpareRoom analyzes a sample of a person’s saliva to find genetic markers that it says determine personality traits like optimism and confidence, then matches the person with renters whose personalities are

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Trump Suggests Death Penalty For Drug Dealers

  HuffPost President Donald Trump suggested drug dealers in the United States should face harsher punishments, such as the death penalty or life in prison, during a campaign rally for congressional candidate Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania on Saturday. “I think it’s a discussion we have to start thinking about,” Trump said during the

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Syria aid scandal: 13-year-old girls forced to trade sex for bread

-IBTimes   Syrian women are being forced to trade sex for aid, despite UN agencies and other charities saying they maintain a zero tolerance approach to sexual exploitation. Women and girls in Syria are told they must perform 'sexual services' in order to receive food and other aid distributions, according to a report

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