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1868: On this day 14th Amendment was adopted-guaranteeing African American citizenship and privileges

-Anietie Udobit   Following its ratification by the necessary three-quarters of U.S. states, the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing to African Americans citizenship and all its privileges, is officially adopted into the U.S. Constitution. Two years after the Civil War, the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 divided the South into five military districts, where new state

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1992: A HOUSE OF TURMOIL,Police chase out unruly members of Akwa Ibom House of Assembly

-Anietie Udobit                                         The chambers of Akwa Ibom State House Of Assembly was in turmoil October 30 when legislator  went on rampage and armed police had to flush them out. “Policemen suddenly came and the next moment, you heard poah poah and they started firing tear gas inside the chambers “Emmanuel

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Ibibio Nation endorses Governor Udom for second term, says ‘we are proud of you’

-Anietie Udobit, Abuja   The Ibibio nation, fourth largest socio-political ethnic group in Nigeria has endorsed governor Emmanuel Udom of Akwa Ibom state for second term. In a crowded ceremony held on Monday which almost coincided with governor’s birthday on Tuesday 11th July at the popular Asan Ibibio, the ethnic group says

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