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1992: A HOUSE OF TURMOIL,Police chase out unruly members of Akwa Ibom House of Assembly

-Anietie Udobit                                         The chambers of Akwa Ibom State House Of Assembly was in turmoil October 30 when legislator  went on rampage and armed police had to flush them out. “Policemen suddenly came and the next moment, you heard poah poah and they started firing tear gas inside the chambers “Emmanuel

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2019: If You Need a Change, Make a Change

By Kingsley Iwok Sadly, from progressive country, in seventies, to retrogressive at the present;  Small and medium scale businesses are getting off the markets in droves, on daily basis, whilst indigenous companies are increasingly winding up for imperialistic dominant multinational companies and food production dwindling in geometrical proportion against the daily

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Second Coming of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria: Smooth, Speed, specific.

By Anietie Udobit   In August 2015, the Buhari-led Federal Government through the National Automotive Design and Development Council awarded licenses for the establishment of 12 new vehicle assembly plants in Nigeria. The spokesman for NADDC, Bello Rasheed, said the benefitting companies are automobile manufacturing giants such as Toyota, Honda, General Appliances West

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