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 “I don’t mind staying single if I can’t find a suitable partner”, China battles decline rate of marriages

Agency Reports   As China becomes richer and more powerful under President Xi Jinping’s first five-year term, the country is grappling with a profound shift: marriage rates are going down while divorces are rising sharply. The trend, already prevalent in developed economies, has much more serious implications for China: It badly needs

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Google upgrades Security Checkup feature with personalized suggestions for your account

  Google today is rolling out a revamped version of its longtime Security Checkup feature - a service that helps users make sure their Google accounts are safe by checking those items that could impact their accounts security. This includes connected apps, connected devices, account permissions and other things. Now, Security

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FIFA releases latest World Rankings, top six teams remain unchanged

FIFA’s latest world rankings have been released with the top six teams remain unchanged in the rankings with Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium and Poland the top six in descending order. France and Spain rose one and three places respectively to sit in seventh and eighth, while Chile (another team

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