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Stop unjustifiable campaign against us on Rohingya Repatriation, Bangladesh warns Myanmar

Anietie Udobit, Abuja

The government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has warned Myanmar government to stop her continued fabricated, misrepresented, unsubstantiated, and unwarranted accusations to unjustifiably shift the onus of the Rohingya crisis on Bangladesh.

In a Statement Released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated 24 November 2019, and sent to us through the High Commission in Abuja, Bangladesh blames Myanmar for failing in its obligations to create an environment in Rakhine conducive for the sustained repatriation and reintegration of the forcibly displaced Rohingya in their homeland.

The Statement reads, “It is an established fact that the Rohingya crisis resulted from systematic disenfranchisement and brutal persecutions of this religious minority by the successive regimes in Myanmar. Continuation of the same by the present government is the sole reason for the gravity of the crisis.The crisis originated in Myanmar and thus the solution entirely lies there. None other than Myanmar should be responsible for prolongation of the crisis. Bangladesh has no interest in delaying the repatriation. Sincerity of Bangladesh in facilitating earliest repatriation of Rohingya as per bilateral instruments has been unquestionably established through its actions.”

Bangladesh debunked claims by Myanmar to have returned  a handful number of people, that it does not testify any improvement of the ground reality in Rakhine, “ A recent comprehensive report on these returnees by Radio Free Asia rather reveals total lack of preparedness in ensuring a conducive environment on the part of Myanmar Government. While Myanmar claims that the situation in Rakhine is conducive enough for repatriation, it must allow the international community including UN officials, international media, and representatives of the prospective returnees to visit the places of return to assess the ground reality and help the returnees making an informed choice.”

The statement concludes, “The Government of Bangladesh has consistently been pursuing the policy of good neighborhood to resolve the protracted crisis through dialogues. Unjustifiable accusations on the part of a party, who is solely held responsible for the crisis, are totally unacceptable. The Government of Bangladesh rejects such baseless accusation, falsification, and misrepresentation of facts. The Government of Myanmar must stop such concocted campaign and rather concentrate on the fulfillment of its obligations so that the forcibly displace Rohingya could return home in safe, dignified and voluntary manner”.