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UniIbadan School bars students with hijab from premises, MURIC provokes


The International School at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, yesterday barred students who came to school in hijab from gaining entry to its premises.

The decision to bar the students comes a day after the Parents Teachers Association resolved that since hijab was not part of the dress code of the school, it should not be worn by the students.

Trouble started on Monday when some Muslim parents dressed their wards in hijab and insisted on their entering into the school. The school was hurriedly shut that day and a PTA meeting called, where it was resolved that Muslim students should not come to school in hijab again.

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However, the Muslim Rights Concern has described the decision of the school to bar those wearing hijab from entering as provocative. It said the PTA meeting convened to resolve the matter ended in a stalemate, as Muslim parents who attended the meeting were allegedly not allowed to express their grievances.

In a statement by its convener, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, MURIC said: “It is administrative masturbation. We are not novice in management. The school principal has manipulated the PTA executive and exploited the meeting to achieve her hidden agenda, which has been the denial of hijab for female Muslim students.”

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