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“Politics” – The most corrupt Profession in Nigeria

It is very glaring that corruption is the most outstanding factor that is negating development potentials in Nigeria.

Billions of Naira are lost yearly while very few opportunistic individual enrich their selves with it. Virtually every Nigerian is now conscious of the fact that Nigeria is very corrupt and they all learn to survive in the midst of corruption by devicing differ strategies to cope with it daily.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and the most populated African country. The Nation’s wealth ois only concentrated in few citizens who have occupied key positions and hence have to opportunity to enrich their selves will Ill-gotten wealth.

This can be affirmed by the recent statement by Theresa May that Nigeria has one of the highest poverty rate in the world..

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Our politicians are the highest paid in the world while our civil servants are one of the least earners in the world. To Augment this gap created by the political elites, the civil servants are left with no other option than to resort to collecting bribe and they also engage other forms of corrupt practices in order to earn more income.

There is corruption in all sectors of the Nation’s economy, though the prevalence rate varies. We have come to a conclusion that the top professions with the highest rate of corruption in Nigeria is the politicians.

Politicians will always be mentioned whenever there is a discussion about corruption in Nigeria. Accusing fingers will always be pointed at them on issues bothering on corruption in Nigeria.

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Nigeria politics is tailored and knitted with corruption. In politics Nigeria, it is believed that there is no permanent friend and no permanent foe and that the politicians are driven by “interest” hence their focus is on any dealing that will be beneficial to their pockets. Thuggery, ballot snatching, bribery, forgery, blackmailing, cross carpeting, etc are some.of the ill-practices that are prevalent in politics in Nigeria.

The democracy and the administration of the country is controlled by the politicians.
The politicians are the chief engineers of corruption in Nigeria. Their despotic and greedy practices and policies instigates and resonates corruption in many other professions such as the paramilitary, the civil service, the private sector, the banks, education, etc.

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Irregularities in payment of salaries, the unfair minimum wage structure and the high unemployment rate in the country are some of the forces that heightens corruption in the country.
To tame the tide of Corruption in Nigeria, the axe of punishment should be focused on the political office holders across all stratas.

Its quite commendable that the current APC-led administration came with a core motive of fighting corruption. It is very obvious that the fight against corruption in Nigeria is a very arduous task. Nigerians have been so used to corrupt practices and hence they rejected the change agenda brought by President Buhari. A lot is still to be done in order to instill incorrupt and fair dealings in the heart and minds of Nigerians.

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