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Nigerians suffers unknowingly over selfish Defections of politicians

In an organized society, multiparty system increases participation and galvanizes Superior ideas. In most cases, they are driven by ideology not necessary to clinch on to power or just to exist. Certainly, they emerge in some cases as a pressure group coming together to advocate for a particular issue for the advancement of the country and the wellbeing of the masses. Most importantly, our constitution encourages freedom of association with any person or group of persons not minding tribe or religion. Therefore, politicians are entitled to move from one political party to the other even when it affect the daily running of the government.

While the ruling political party set the agenda for good governance, the opposition political parties in the other hand exert pressure on the leadership through the Lawmakers to make laws and policies that will enforce their agenda also geared towards the benefit of the citizens. Over times, different political parties, however, can cause divisions in nation’s polity by triggering disputes between special interest groups especially the legislatures just to achieve their aim.

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It could be clearly seen, Political parties are the backbone of Democracy. They train leaders and provide a platform upon which preferred candidates can contest for public offices, thus enhancing political participation. Nevertheless, they control and influence government policies by providing a link between different institutions of the government and stakeholders across the economic, ethnic,religious and cultural divides.

 Ideologically, differences between political parties provide a wider space for debate, which is essential for successful democratic process. The debate generates exchanges that can lead to a better understanding of issues at hand thereby providing reliable solutions or compromise to engender good governance. The parties also provide options for public opinion and collective participation in government.


Its obvious and worrisome when persons given public trust decide to do order wise,  giving deaf ears to the yearlings of his people who voted him in to power.  Prof. Jerry Gana once said ” If you are a Doctor, Doctor well”, “If you are a President, President well”, “If you are Senator, Senate well”. The seat can never be forever, one day you will give account on how you spend your time in any public office you were voted in by your people.

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Nigerians have suffered and are still suffering since the unfolding defection of politicians  within the political space especially in the Legislative arm of government. One should not take it for granted that people are dying and it seems the politicians are not showing concern.

The All Progressive Congress(APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) see the current battle as a fight to finish. We see it also as personality clash of interest of our common wealth. When two elephants fight the grasses suffer. Let it be said in the secret and in the open Nigerians are dissatisfied with all these selfish rumor making around and distraction of the public for trivial issues of no collective interest. They should pocket their difference in a more civilized manner and carry on the process of good governance for the benefit of all.

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This is not acceptable and condemable in all ramification. The primary aim of electing representative, is to help make laws and ensure the people benefit from the government. Anything outside this amounts to selfishness and dishonour to our fatherland.

The noise of defection is distraction and can never bring food to the common masses of the country, Politicians should be aware. The government of Nigeria since the inception of all these actions have not being able to achieve any meaningful progress for the benefit of her people too bad.

My submission to all these that both the Executives and the legislatures should take precaution not to wash their dirty linings outside because the international communities are watching with keen interest on the out come of all these noise. They should remember that the government of the day and their various representatives were voted in to making the welfare of the people a priority instead of fighting for power come 2019 a priority.


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