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Kazaure blows hot, Nobody will impeach the president.

The Jigawa state lawmaker vowed to oppose any move to remove President Buhari from office.

“Nobody will impeach the president as far as we are alive in this house… that day, it will be a war,” Kazaure declared.

“I am sure the president will take serious action and the whole thing will stop. You are aware that in 2015, we didn’t have money, we didn’t have power and we never intimidated anybody,” he said.

“God gave us this power; so, there is no need for this government to intimidate anybody because of re-election matter or any other reason. By now, we should try and be good to people; this is what we should concentrate on.”

He advised the federal government to focus on improving the welfare of Nigerians with increase in oil price.

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“The people are complaining not only about security but poverty, hunger; even in my constituency, the people are complaining about this.”

Kazaure said he was not in support of Buhari “allowing some people to create problems for him by frustrating those who had helped the party to win the 2015 elections”.

“These people have assisted us; we don’t want them to go; we want them to come together and assist the president again,” he said.

“So, the president must call those people to order because we will lose many votes if this crisis continues.

“That is why we have to call the attention of the president into this crisis because it is degenerating… This is why I decided to convene this press conference because if the executive, legislature and the judiciary work together, we will succeed.”

He said it was disheartening that the people who had worked with the president from 2003 till date have been sidelined.

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The lawmaker, however, called on the president as the leader of the APC, to reconcile all the differences among the politicians.

Women in governance

Kazaure recently advised that women should not be entrusted too much political power so as to prevent them from misbehaving.

The lawmaker who shot himself on the foot once said some bottles of coke are made with borehole water.

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