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Texas firefighter arrested for allegedly having multiple wives


A Texas firefighter was arrested on Monday after his wife told police that he was legally married to several other women and had never finalized a divorce with any of them.

Nathaniel D’Amato was taken into custody at a fire station in Magnolia, Texas, about 44 miles northwest of Houston, after the woman told police that he had several common-law ex-girlfriends, according to ABC’s Houston station KTRK.

Deputies say he has been married to a Michigan woman since 1998, KTRK said. She reportedly traveled to Texas to provide police with proof that she was still married to D’Amato.

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Police had been searching for D’Amato ever since April when his wife first reported him. The woman said she kicked him out of her home after she received word from several women who claimed to still be married to him.

“She had started receiving phone calls from other females, basically indicating that they were married to the same individual she had just gotten married to,” Harris County Constable Mark Herman told local reporters Monday.

D’Amato is a firefighter with Needham Fire and Rescue in Montgomery County, Texas, and a volunteer firefighter with Magnolia Fire Department, authorities said.

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It was unclear if he had obtained an attorney as of Tuesday morning.


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