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“I will not bow to Baal”, Senator Melaye speaks on his trial

Senator Dino Melaye has vowed to speak the truth either alive or dead.

Embattled Kogi lawmaker, Senator Dino Melaye, says he would not be “shut down” despite the treatment meted out to him by the “State”.

In a Facebook post on Monday, May 21, 2018, Melaye alleged that about “200 man-strong fully armed policemen were unleashed on him by the State”.

The Kogi lawmaker who pledged to continue speaking for the masses described his trial as a plot to silence him.

“They, unleashed an endless barrage of physical, psychological, metaphysical and emotional torture and assault on me, but, through the power of the Most High, and you the good people of Nigeria, we have once again, seen the triumph of truth over lies and good over evil,” Melaye said.

Melaye remains in police custody as court adjourns bail hearingSenator Dino Melaye wheeled into an Abuja Magistrate Court on a stretcher

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 “The state unleashed its raw power on me and released a 200 man-strong fully armed policemen – on a man without a knife nor a bullet. It did this because I called injustice by its name and called for accountability. For this they sought to break my spirit and destroy me permanently. In their moment of reign, I was fully shackled,” he added.

Melaye who expressed concerns over the allegations levelled against him was, however, optimistic that he would be free of all the charges.

“Though they raise spurious allegations against me, bear false witness against me, though they seek to frighten me and lure me into their bounty of evil, I will fear no foe.

“My traducers and torturers wish that I keep quiet; though they seek to seal my lips, to silence my voice forever, I remain ever more resolute and committed. I am committed to this cause for which I am a politician; the cause of the down trodden, to speak truth to power and stand against oppression and injustice. On these issues there will be no compromise. I owe no apologies and I tender none. 

“Like I have always said, you speak the truth, you die, you don’t speak the truth, you die. I have chosen to speak the truth, dead or alive.

“I have taken my position, I will not hold back, I will not hold my peace, I will not be shut down, neither will I shut-up, not as long as injustice and falsehood continues to reign, as long as I will live. I will not bow to Baal.”

Dino Melaye hiding behind Senate President, Bukola Saraki in Lokoja, Kogi state.

Melaye appreciated the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Speaker Yakubu Dogara, his colleagues at the National Assembly, and Nigerians for their support while he was “in the dark”.

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“You came against a raging fire and stood up against tyranny, lies, filthy lucre, injustice, persecution and greed. While in the dark and unable to fight for myself, they sought to take my mandate, which you had freely given to me. But you answered back and quenched deceit in its wake. You stood resolute and unflinching and defended your mandate to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. In their attempt to break me, they have made me stronger,” he said.

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Senator Melaye had earlier accused the Police of failing to him the sum of N10 million awarded him as damages by an unnamed court.

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