By Linus Chukwuma
Over the weekend, former governor of Anambra State, H.E Peter Obi while delivering a lecture titled “Philosophy, Law and Politics” at Claretian Institute Of Philosophy, Maryland, Nekede in Owerri, Imo State revealed that the biggest state in America is California and her governor is 81 years. He further stressed that age has nothing to do with ability to lead, rather capacity is the key.
He’s disclosure has always been my view that capacity rather than one’s age must be our decretum in electing our leaders come general election in 2019.
My conclusion  that capacity is the paramount was drawn by comparing the performance of Governor Jerry Brown of California in USA with Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State in Nigeria. In reality the former has performed very well at his age while the latter is regarded as the worst performing governor in Nigeria today.
With the above comparison, Nigerians should know that age is never the reason for our bad leadership.
When times are bad, voters desire change in governance. Our President at (75years) and about six years younger to governor Jerry Brown of California, has performed cataclysmically  below average in the last three years just as the youngest governor.
President Buhari has declared his intention to seek reelection in 2019. Constitutionally, he’s eligible to contest but in delivery, he lacks the capacity to lead a country like Nigeria. His age has nothing to do with it.
Since it’s his constitutional right to seek reelection, it’s also our constitutional right to firmly reject him at the poll.
Nigerians are evidently wiser than before and, I believe, will be ready to save our country from impending collapse by making maximum use of their PVC.
President Buhari’s scorecard in the last three years will not even qualify him for local government chairman. He’s incompetent and should not be allowed to stay beyond 2019.
We must elect leaders that are capable and willing to put the interest of the country first. We must elect detribalized leaders since we’re made up of multi ethinic , multi culture and multi religious groups.
Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar who believes that he won’t give up until he can no longer have the capacity and strength. According to him, giving up on Nigeria is a grave sin he can never contemplate.
Atiku represents a symbol of hope to millions of Nigeria youths. He’ll empower millions of youths by creating enabling environment to thrive and appoint more youths to his cabinet if elected.
If only Nigerians should tell themselves the truth, Atiku stand out as the most qualified and experienced to lead us out of maladministration.
Atiku provided the leadership that paid off Nigeria’s foreign debt of $32 billion during his days as the vice president and such a leader should be entrusted with higher responsibility.
He’s blueprint on economic policies and continuous call for Restructuring prove that he understands the leadership problems of our country.
The year 2019 is only seven months from now, and we must unite and make sure that we vote in the best candidate to get us out of the present coma and drive truly forward.
Nigerian’s should no longer tolerate mediocrity in the expense of good governance.
Waziri Adamawa is among the few that are best prepared for presidency. He’s knowledgeable and skilled to lead Nigeria. He has passed leadership test over the years.
Insecurity, unemployment, distrust etc will be arrested with Atiku as the president. Nigeria needs a leadership that can formulate good policies that can create wealth, employment and boost our economy.
With Atiku as the president, Nigerians fundamental rights are assured and would be respected.
Atiku Abubakar has all the requisite credentials to be truly excellent on the job.  Let’s give him the mandate.
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