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When the Chips are down

by Otumba Gbenga Giwa


It is always easy to sit comfortably on the barber’s cushion on the first day to have a clean cut with no doubt on  mind that you will come out good at the end of his assignment.  Funny enough, after about some minutes when you look yourself at the mirror, it will inform you on the next line of action whether to patronize him again or not.

There is no excuse for non-performance especially when you have been given the opportunity to prove your competency and approval to do the right thing at the right time.

It is said ‘Once beaten twice shy’.Unfortunately, Nigerians have been beaten twice by one man who has proofed beyond any reasonable doubt that he has lost touch with the realities on ground. Records have shown it all, you can’t give what you don’t have. It doesn’t matter how you pretend and master the art of covering up. The truth is naked and cannot condole anything short of itself.

Nigerians, if we are truthful to ourselves, we will agree with me that this present government has failed us especially the youths. We have been short changed in the scheme of things.  we have been called several derogatory names, such as lazy youths and drug addicts who always want everything free while our mothers have been restricted only to the kitchen and other rooms.

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My question is how many youths have this government empowered? How many opportunities have they created for the youths? Even if there are, is the environment enabling enough to sustain business initiatives?  Let’s be frank to ourselves, we have not fared better under this administration. Our economy is going down without proportion yet they are busy fighting among themselves. No respect to institutions of government, little or no attention has been given to the poor masses dying every day as a result of hunger and negligence.  Farmers and herdsmen are at loggerhead every day yet nobody had been convicted and punished accordingly.

I feel a lot more relief to see that many have realized that hunger and lack is never peculiar to any particular religion or tribe. Once you are hungry the best you can do is to stop and search for where you will find good food. At that moment you don’t care who cook the food whether the person is Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo; Christian or Muslim. This is the mindset of a hungry man who needs nothing more than to satisfy his taste.

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All over the world, politics has changed, people face realities rather than attaching sentiments to issues of national interest. If we can find food without first finding out the tribe or religion of the person, then I encourage all Nigerians to know that the time has come for us to take this clarion call serious as a matter of urgency and stand by me in solidarity for my submission to the will of God and offer myself as a servant to serve our father land as the number one citizen of the federal Republic of Nigeria come May 29, 2019 by the grace of God.

Under my watch, we will ensure the youths have jobs that will be sustained through massive industrialization of our economy. We will ensure that most of our agricultural produce and other natural resource are not exported without being first harvested by our people and processed as raw materials for finished goods within the country before exporting them to other nations of the world. By doing so,  we believe more jobs will be created, more indigenous companies will participate in the value chain as well as enhancing our foreign earning.  We will spend more energy in training and retraining our people while equipping and collaborating with the various institutions and research centers in the country to ensure adequate compliance to the set goals in the first year of our administration.

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We will invest reasonable amount of our yearly budget on education especially vocational education to boost our GDP by encouraging more Nigerians to participate in nation building.  We have said in many of our meetings that we will offer 50% appointments to the youth in the main stream of our administration. We will not compromise professionalism and competence to anything less. There will be zero tolerance to corruption irrespective of tribe, religion or class.

We will make security everybody’s business and ensure persons saddled with such responsibility to oversee the sector do it without fare or favour.  We will also ensure the institutions of government give account for their stewardship quarterly. There will be respect to institutions of government and the masses by every police in accordance with our constitution.

While we are still doing our consultations and planning to officially declare therefore, we deem it fit to bring to public notice these facts as we look forward for a better and prosperous Nigeria when the chips are down come 2019, so help us God.

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