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Conversion of Abia State College of Education Technical Arochukwu


The great people of Arochukwu and environs after yesterday 26th April, 2018 Senate Public Hearing sponsored by the Distinguished Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, the senator representing Abia North at the Senate Hearing Room 231 in the National Assembly Complex can start counting their days for the official announcement of the upgrading of the Abia State College of Education Technical Arochukwu ASCETA to a Federal College of Education by the Federal Government.

After various submissions and presentations by Senator Mao, Prof. Okoro Ijeoma the Overall Patron Nzuko Arochukwu Worldwide, Mazi Sunny Anicho Okoro Secretary General Nzuko Arochukwu worldwide and Dr. Philip Nto the College Provost, the Chairman Senate Committee on Tertiary Institution and Tetfund with other members of the committee couldn’t hide their feelings and satisfaction on the presentation. In fact, they were comprehensive and convincing enough to erase any conflicting notion if at all there were any.

The school in less than two years of Dr. Philip Nto administration, is  wearing a new look, old structures pulled down and new ones erected to compliment the new status in anticipation of the federal Government approval of the upgrading.

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The school which started in 1993 by the Present Minister of Science  and Technology Chief  Ogbonnaya Onu while in office as the first Governor of Abia State has produced  many qualified teachers and well known academicians. Over the years, the school has grown and  has earned cordial relationship with other institutions like University of Nigeria Nsukka and Alvan Ikoku College Education Owerri and Abia State University. This has helped to sustain the quality of lecturers and the standard of education in the school.  As the number of students increase, the school is faced with a big challenge as a result of over starched  limited infrastructures and teaching equipment. At the moment, the state government finds it very difficult to pay workers salary and maintain the school as such the only way out is for the Federal govenrment to take over the school.

However, the location of the school to Arochukwu was never by accident. Arochukwu remains the home town of the foremost educationalist in the south east and teacher of excellence who founded the first indigenous private school in west Africa, Mazi Alvan Ikoku of blessed memory  should be given the respect and recognition he deserves.

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The Establishment of the school in Arochukwu was informed in a manner to enhance and tarp into the enterprising nature of the people and environs to boast and encourage proper training of the teachers within the region as well as contribute towards empowering thme through  research and development of the area.

The school is strategically located as it’s just two kilometers to Cross River on the right, one kilometer to Akwa Ibom on the left and an hour drive to Ebonyi State. There is no doubt the school will serve the people of these four states very well.

The Arochukwu people known as one of the most traveled people in the south east of Nigeria haven built bridges across the Niger are very accommodating and peace loving people. With this in mind, upgrading the school will help the economic activities will certainly increase and restiveness among the youths checked.

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The climax of the occasion was the presentation made by one of the persons living with disability who added his voice in support the upgrading of the school to a Federal Government College of Education Technical. He mentioned that the people of Arochukwu contributed so much in the 60s towards assisting the people affected with leprosy in Uzuakoli.

The faces of the host community indigenous present at the public hearing and other delegates from the neighboring villages were filed with smiles coming out from the hall thanking their able Senator Mao Ohuabunwa who was addressed as DG. Amendment by the chairman of the committee .

WE hope and pray that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will do the needful when the bill comes to his table for accent.

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