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 Mourinho reacts to Man City title


Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho reacted to Man City title last weekend.

“City were the best team, sooner or later they would get the points, so no dramas when the best team wins the league,” he said.

Mourinho tried his best to be magnanimous and cavalier about United’s loss on Jay Rodriguez’s rain-soaked diving header, but it definitely isn’t carrying the right ring after the 1-0 loss clinched the Premier League title for City.

“I have won titles, I would not be happy if someone say won title if someone lose a match,” Mourinho said. “City won the title because they won more points than everyone else, don’t tell City they won title because United did not win, it is not fair on them.”

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He also said United tried to be too fancy against the Baggies.

“We were masters in complication, everything was complicated,” he said. “We didn’t want or played simple, everything was slow, one more flick, trick, turn. There was no fluidity. We did not deserve to lose, we gave them opportunity to win the match.”

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