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Bride’s father says inter-ethnic marriage is key to unity in Nigeria

By Daudu Emmanuel


A community leader, Elder Benjamin Gwatana said, inter-ethnic marriage in Nigeria would do Nigerians good by increasing unity amidst Nigerians and inhabiting insurgency rate of attacks. This he said when giving out his daughter Tabitha Gwatana out in marriage during the Traditional Wedding Ceremony at Gwatana’s compound in Yangoji,Kwali area Council,FCT, Abuja.

Elder Gwatana stressed on the need for inter-ethnic marriage, encouraging Nigerians to see it as one key option to fighting disunity and insurgency in the country. ” Nigeria is a country blossomed with hundreds of ethnic groups which by Amalgamation was segregated into geopolitical zones. The segregation did us more harm than good, but then, we can get ourselves united again through this. Unity and Oneness could only be achieved with passion again by this because folk-networking becomes broadened”.

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The groom, John Paul Ma’aji expressed gratitude for being accepted into the reputable family of the Gwatana(s) and pledged loyalty to the family at all cost. This he said when interacting with the pride’s grandmother, wombeni Adunga and others after a family close door meeting.

The spokesman of the groom’s family assured the Gwatana family of proper care of their daughter who was given to them in marriage.

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