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When a masquerade over stays it’s welcome in the village square, the women and children make karikacho of it. More especially, when it’s a big masquerade, the secrets and weaknesses become a major discuss among the women in and around the village. Over times, the glory and excitement it creates turn to ridicule and abuse. That is why the masquerade should be advised to leave the Center stage while the ovation is still high.
The same applies to every areas of life be it in the public or private sector. When an engine is used for a long time, it’s natural for it to go for an overhaul services before it can be useful again.  Most times its best to set the old engine aside as useful spare, to compliment the new and vibrant one in use in case there is any damage along the line. This informs why aged men are seen as useful spare, in their advisory role after retirement from active service. 
The great scholars of old and our numerous seasoned administrators who designed public sector condition of service might have weighed so many options and observed that there is no truth in the fact that a person can be active and productive all the time without going for retirement. It is a known fact that after many years on the job a person needs to go on vacation or for a refreshers course to update him/her on current development in the field.
 The law of diminishing return sets in whenever a person stays too long on stage without any form of improvement. Most times such a person becomes a nuisance because he or she has lost touch on the current development in the chosen career.  It becomes worst when these set of persons recycle themselves and do all manner of things to remain relevant and control the system.
It’s so sad that these set of people have positioned themselves and cronies as monsters and principalities in every sector blocking every revolution move to set the poor majority free from their many years of slavery. They seize the economic power and use it to bargain for power at the expense of the ignorant majority. The use of deprivation and hunger has been their stock in trade in dividing the opinion and collective desire to have a better society where justice and equity rules.
I see a new Nigeria emerging from the pains and struggles of the younger generation whose parents and guardians on daily basis manage to secure a meal for them to eat, whose future had been shattered by the selfish craftiness of the senseless leaders not providing the enabling environment and infrastructures for their ideas to thrive, and are killed daily for many crime they never commit. 
 I represent these set of people because I was once there until grace found me. My desire and willingness is centered on service and restoration of the dream of our founding fathers as I offer myself to serve our father land; it’s time to rescue Nigerians from the hands of the hawks and preposition our country as the world destination for next generational shift.
Our commitment to this call can not be over emphasized as we are determined to take this message down to the grassroots which forms the bulk of the voting population in our country.  Nigeria must get better and some people must take responsibility to ensuring the change we all desired come now or never.
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