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Bill Gates has no idea how much regular food items cost


Bill Gates had trouble guessing the prices of very common grocery items on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

He must be so used to seeing numbers with extra zeros at the end that he has forgotten how much everyday items cost.

The billionaire founder of Microsoft went on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show for the first time, and the celebrity host figured she’d poke some fun at Gates’ hopelessly skewed sense of how regular people shop.

DeGeneres asked Gates to guess the cost of five everyday items: Rice-A-Roni, Tide pods, dental floss, pizza rolls, and frozen dip. If Gates guessed within a buck of the real price, the audience would win a prize.

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In what should have been a simple exercise for those of us who do our own grocery shopping, Gates was hilariously wrong for many of the guesses. He guessed a box of Rice-A-Roni cost $5—which every former college student knows is $4 too much to pay for boxed rice. “I’ll take five!” he said.

He was also baffled by how much it costs to do your laundry. Gates guessed a sizable box of Tide laundry pods cost $4. DeGeneres corrected him: In reality, it sells for a little under $20.

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His funniest flub? Trying to figure out how much pizza rolls cost. He thought a frozen bag of these stoner munchies cost a lofty $22; they actually retail for almost $9.

It’s safe to say Bill Gates is better at giving away money than actually buying things.

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