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2019: As Members of National Assembly battle to remain in power

By Emmanuel Daudu


The Nigeria Politicians had always enjoyed the power of synergy from a seating president who stands a chance for a second tenure, using the balcony of Party through the instrumentality of the Independent Electoral Commission that Presidential election comes first together with the National Assembly.

Things tend to turn around as the brave 8th National Assembly has critically analysed and closely examined the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. The Buhari administration seems to have missed out of the trust of the masses and perhaps the 2019 elections would be unfolding a frustrating Presidential result if votes are being counted.

The National Assembly focused its analysis on the Epileptic economic, Boko haram insurgency, Fulani Herdsmen which further gave birth to Fulani Colony Issue and others. It thought that the better way to retain power in 2019 is to break out from the usual synergy, and test individual popularity at the polls through the amendment of the Elections of the 2019 Time Table, even though some of the members who had not maintained good relationship with her constituency frowns at it.

The Independent Electoral Commission earlier released the 2019 Election Time Table on the 9th of March, 2017. Stating that the Presidential and National Assembly  elections is to hold first in February 16th, 2019  while governorship and state Assembly to hold on the 2nd of March, 2019, which had been a usual sequence of elections in the country.  But with the National assembly’s amendment already, the National Assembly’s election is to hold First, to be followed by Gubernatorial and state Assembly polls and finally the Presidential election.

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The masses had reacted positively on the social media, seeing the changes as a movement already began for a political revolution in the Nigeria political macrocosm. But then, the masses more specifically, the youths fail to acknowledge the fact that PVC is the sure way to political liberation.

Its no doubt that the federal government is not happy at the changes, but had remained mute, observing how it will all play out as elections are fast approaching. Perhaps plans are also put in place as to how to win the heart of the masses come 2019 elections. Everything seems to bore down into ecosystem arms of government planning as to how to come back to power in 2019.

Haven noted that there is no Cordial relationship between the legislative arm of government and the executive. Perhaps this is a role the national assembly ought to play as a contribution to a farewell bead to the Buhari’s administration.

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But then, the senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye,  who is a strong believer of the amendment  and a member of the 12 men committee of the 2019 elections Time Table amendment, recently said  that, the Federal Government through the AGF and the Minister of Justice, Malami, had on Sunday announced plan to arraign Melaye on Thursday, March 1, 2018 for allegedly giving false information to the Police and allegedly framing the Chief of Staff to the Kogi State governor, Edward Onoja, on the failed attempt on his life. This could gain its source from the Time Table amendment.

“If this arraignment is to stop me from criticising the Federal government, they have committed a capital compound mistake. I shall continue to speak, I shall continue to ask questions, I shall continue to criticise any public officer including the President of Nigeria where he has gone wrong. I have conquered fear and I am not afraid of the prison. The last administration arrested me 14 times. The Abacha and Babangida governments detained me. I am not afraid of the prison, it is built because of human beings but we will continue to speak the truth not minding whose ox is gored. In an unjust society, silence is a crime. The battle to bring Nigeria back on track from these criminals in power is a battle of no retreat no surrender and I am ready to face the Federal Government on this matter, I will fight it with the last drop of my blood, no retreat no surrender,” Melaye said.

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The order of elections now adopted by the 8th National Assembly was earlier proposed by the 4th National Assembly in the 2002 electoral bill before it was later amended by a combination of Presidential and National Assembly elections, which has been the practice since then.

However, Presidential candidates for 2019 elections would have to put more effort into grassroots politics as politics tends to give priority to grassroots networking, and perhaps leaders would genuinely be elected by the masses if votes are counted. It wouldn’t only retire there, but it would go a long way in bringing the dividends of Democracy to the general public.

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