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He Once Wept For Nigeria!

By Kingsley Iwok


Right away at the campaign ground before the 2011 general elections, the Retired General in politics, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, having made two unsuccessful attempts to the presidency, broke down in tears and wept sympathetically while rolling out his manifesto to the mammoth crowd and the television viewing public.

He told us he wept for the systematic and incurable poverty ravaging the people amid plenty.

He told us he wept for the endemic corruption and many lies of the politicians to fix our crumbling economy, among other reasons.

In all fairness to my conscience, his tears did not only convince me to believe absolutely in his portrayal sainthood and the will-power to salvage the country’s problem, to some extent, if given an opportunity, but also contagious taken me off balance emotionally right inside the humble spot of my student-home in Abuja where I watched with rapt attention from my T.V set.

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He made promises to the high heavens, though within an achievable purview, including the removal of immunity clause from elected Executives (President and Vice, Governors and Deputies). His seemingly honest manifesto got me unusually hypnotized to a point that I contested and almost rephrased the dictionary meaning of ‘patriotism to mean “someone with an emotional gut to weep over the concerned matters of nationhoood, especially in public.”

The consequence of this dawn on me that I almost suffered a temporary ostracism from the poling unit in my village (Etinan town hall) for daring to preach the sermon of CPC with the delusional principle of Buharism to the people who had already been Jonathanized electorally. I was wrong!

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This feeling developed wildly into 2015 up to the poll, but for my valued principle of political fidelity, I stocked to my party, PDP.

Waking up today I developed a pressing burden to take a stock on Buhari’s performance since assumption of office with the nostalgic curiousness of his political dramatism in 2011 in the bid to rule Nigeria and, I pondered on the following questions:

  1. Has president Buhari wept for the nearly and over 100 innocent souls gruesomely killed by Fulani herdsmen under his security watch?
  2. Has president Buhari wept for the unconfirmed number of IPOB members illegally killed by the confraternity of operation “python dance and crocodile smile”, an organized military wing under his commanding supervision?
  3. Has president Buhari wept for the thousands of Christian faithful criminally slaughtered in cold blood in Kaduna state under the watchful rulership of his closest ally?
  4. Has president Buhari wept for the increasingly scientific corruption ongoing within the members of his kitchen cabinet?
  5. Has president Buhari wept for the unprecedented record of self-inflicted suicide in Nigeria, arising from the untold hardship of his government?
  6. Has president Buhari wept for the monumental failure his administration brought to the country?
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Why is president Buhari not weeping?

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