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We are sure of creating 2,000 jobs for Nigerians- AMAC Resource centre

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-Daudu Emmanuel

The Center Coordinator of Abuja Municipal Area Council Resource Centre and President Nigerian Commercial Farmers Association, Dr.Jones .k. Ozuzu has expressed optism in the Centre plans to create more jobs to Nigerians especially farmers.

In an exclusive with UNITY TIMES, the coordinator says he is happy with the commitment of the federal government in Agriculture stating that the only means to ensure growth in the country is the giant step of the federal government to diversify into agriculture.

“The leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has done well for the diversification of economic activities into agriculture. Look at the Abuja Municipal Area council which I head as the coordinator of the resource Centre, as at now, we have many projects already outlined for farmers which include training of individuals for fish farming, poultry, how to prepare feeds, snail farming, waste to wealth, custard production, soup production, and after which we will empower these individuals. We are very ready to train at least 10,000 individuals in 10weeks and it is a continuous program designed by the federal government to empower farmers.

“We are also ready to train people on grass cutter raring and several others. As soon as we kick-off, we are sure of creating 2,000 jobs for Nigerians and in turn lower cost of farm produce directly or indirectly.”
The coordinator further outlined other benefits that accrue to their activities apart from job opportunities which including free grounding of farm produce ranging from one module to 24kg within the locality of settlement, educating civil servants and co-operatives on skill acquisition and supply of farming implements and agro chemicals for extensive farming and bulk yield of produce.

Dr.Ozuzu encourages farmers to key into the opportunities available for farmers: “this is the farmers’ time in Nigeria and as such should do everything possible to be part of the outlined trainings”.

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