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Special Valentine’s Day Advice From Patience Ozokwor To Teenagers, Couples

Patience Ozokwo
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Popular Nollywood actress, Mrs. Patience Ozokwor has called on teenage girls to be weary of their activities this valentine celebration to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Mrs. Ozokwor , who made the call while delivering a sermon Monday at the Power House Interdenominational Centre in Abakaliki,  Ebonyi State, regretted that evil acts are often perpetrated during valentine celebrations.

According to her, many teenage girls will be impregnated in this year’s valentine celebration and called on girls to preserve their bodies holy.

She also said many will do all kinds of immoralities including sleeping with wives or husbands that are not their own all in the name of valentine.

She predicted that many boys and girls will enter into relationships that will break up soonest with a view to engage in premarital sex.

“Valentine is not in the scripture and anything that is not in the Bible should be discarded. Who is Valentine? The one that suffered for me and you is Jesus who should be celebrated.

“If the kind of love that Valentine has shown to people is for people to make love to each other without getting married, then it is against the will of God.

“People should show love to their fellow human beings on daily basis. Your neighbor is the first person that you should show love.


“Every day is love day for me and there is no special day that is meant for love. What people are doing today in the name of love is lust “, she observed.


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