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One Year in Office: X-Raying Ini Ememobong’s Official and Social Responsibilities as the State Publicity

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By Martins Inyangetoh,(Naijaperminute)

It is an obvious fact that anyone who encounters Comrade Ini Ememobong in atleast two or more occasions must have acknowledged the fact that he’s a student of the School of thought by Abraham Lincoln that says “I will learn, prepare and wait, someday my time will come” hence the rising feat achieved so far with more awaiting is simply in the affirmation that Ini Ememobong had indeed learnt, prepared and waited for a time like the 10th of May, 2016 to come for him to commence the much work in force which he has proven beyond any reasonable doubt in the last one year in office.

Apparently, we need no soothsayer to intimate us on the remarkable differences that he has recorded so far in office as the State Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Akwa Ibom. Since assumption of office, he has set an unprecedented precedence in the Publicity Unit of the Party leaving many to wallow in confusion as to how real it is to have such a Genius from this side of the world. His matchless works have continued to speak volume for him as he has succeeded to spearhead the launch of a well packaged and executively produced monthly official Magazine of the Party; The Scroll, the weekly Radio Program; The Umbrella Show (Saturdays@10:00am) and various jingles that have helped promote and project the image of the PDP led State Government under the able leadership of Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel and Obong Paul Ekpo. His quintessential approach in handling the Image Making responsibility of the party has caused his colleagues from the other side of the political divide to tremble and go into hiding at any slight of his appearance. Truly, truly, he is a Pacesetter. He is indeed a Trailblazer. Aboveboard, he is a record Breaker.

As a State Officer representing Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area in the State Executive of the Party, he has not only stopped at giving a good representation at the state level but has wholeheartedly extended his kindheartedness to his community; Use Ndon and the entire Ibiono Ibom owing to the fact that “Charity Begins at home”. His kind gesture has birthed the unprecedented distribution of School Uniforms, Sandals, Bags, Exercise books to Pupils with wrappers for their respective Teachers, in some Primary Schools across the Area. Offering of Scholarship to the less Privileged pupils, financial support to students in both secondary Schools and Universities were not exempted in the course of his philanthropic display. Also, Training the Youths on Paint Production, Furniture Making, Bead Making, Interior Decoration, Cake Making, Snacks Making etc and the reception of wrappers/ financial Support for various businesses by the women across the area were exemplary. Construction of an Ultramodern Townhall and setting up of Standard Computer Laboratory were not left out for Use Ndon Community, courtesy of Ini EEmemobong’s benevolence.

However, the philanthropic lifestyle of Comrade Ini Ememobong cannot be overemphasised as it is confirmed that it has been part of him since his childhood years. His School mates can attest to this reality any day any time likewise his former and current colleagues. Little wonder he(Ini) averred during the inauguration of the Use Ndon Town Hall that “I come from a family that gives, and giving is a way of life in my family”. Truly, giving has been part of his family and his show of philanthropy isn’t born out of abundant resources but out of his covetousness to lend a helping hand to the Needy which I am a Witness. His often assertion has always been being able to add value to the lives of others while depriving himself luxury especially when he has the golden opportunity of serving the people as a Servant Leader and this grandeur of his has set him apart as a “Nonpareil”.

Congratulations Akparawa Ini Ememobong on a successful completion of one year in office. Soar On Sir!!!

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