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HoS Calls For Support To Victims Of Autism

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The Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Ekanem Oyo-Ita, has called on parents, guidance and care givers not to relent in showing love and care towards victims of autism.

While advising that proper management was vital for the happiness of victims and their families, since there were no prescribed medical cure for autism, she explained that Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, is a developmental mental disorder characterised by social-communication challenges and restricted repetitive behaviour, activities and

Oyo-Ita said this at the premiere of the movie in Abuja to commemorate the World Autism Awareness Day celebrated annually on April 2. The ASD advocacy movie, which premiered at the Silverbird Galleria, featured
top Nollywood stars, Segun Arinze, as well as Henshaw Emmanuel, Eve Esin and others.

“An autistic child needs the full attention of their parents to be able to cope in the society, and that is the only way autism can be handled. It is not their faults that they are in that condition, so they need to be totally accepted by the society, especially their families. Schools and other public places should show understanding and patience to autistic children no matter how special their needs are,” she urged.

Director of the movie, Mr. Eyaba Emmanuel, which was entitled “Sometime in September” has called for more advocacy and awareness of the ASD. He said the movie, an advocacy film seeks to rally support and care for patients of ASD and also raise a voice against the common practice of stigmatising autistic children, and how they can be
successfully managed by their families.

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