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Ex-soldier sex cousin to death in Ebonyi community

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By Agbo Sunday,Abakaliki

A 60- year- old ex-Biafra solider, Benjamine Aboh, who hails from Amunda village in Effium autonomous community of Ohaukwu Local Government Area in Ebonyi State, has been accused of causing the death of one Ngozi Aboh, 19, after having turns of sex with her.

A source from the community who preferred anonymity said that Ngozi died after rounds of sex from her uncle which she could not withstand.
According to the source, a traditional cleansing had been observed in accordance with the custom of the Amunda people to avoid any repercussion from the gods as such act, the source said was an abomination anywhere in the world.
It also added that a delegation had been led by the people of Amunda in Effium to the palace of the traditional ruler of Effium autonomous community demanding the delisting of Benjamine Aboh as a chief representing the Amunda people in the Eze’s cabinet.
Confirming the act further, a traditional prime minster, Chief Ogbu Joseph told our correspondent that report had reached the Eze’s cabinet demanding the stripping of Benjamine Aboh as a chief representing the people of Amunda in the cabinet.

He also confirmed that Ngozi died after prolonged sexual intercourse with her uncle she had been living with after the demise of her father years ago. He described such act as abominable and unacceptable to the people of the area, adding that the request of the people of Amunda would be granted in order to serve as deterrent to other people.
“The issue actually happened. The man Benjamine Aboh is a member of the Eze’s cabinet. We got a report from his kinsmen that during sexual intercourse with the brother’s daughter, Ngozi, she died.
“We are going to take necessary disciplinary action on him so that people who are into such act or are intending to do such would desist from it. What baffles me most is that Aboh was a Biafra soldier and had gained enormous experience not to have indulged in such heinous act.
“His kinsmen have actually done traditional cleansing to avert any curse from the gods of the land on him. They have to do it because if he is allowed to continue living with the sin, it might cost his life”, Ogbu explained.

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