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Construction Work Commences At Abuja Airport Terminal

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Barely a day after the closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja for repair, the contractor responsible for  the repair, Julius Berger has mobilized and started work.

LEADERSHIP Friday findings at the airport yesterday, ‎showed that the contractor has marked the runway and surveys have commenced.

According to the International Terminal Manager, Hajara Musa, work at the runway has commenced and the marking of the runway is a sign to over flyers that the airport runway is closed and under construction.

According to her, “FAAN management has handed over the airport runway rehabilitation to Julius Berger Plc. Julius Berger Plc is on ground carrying materials from one place to the other.”

Meanwhile, the federal government’s plan of moving passengers to Kaduna seems to be working fine as more than five coastal buses left the airport during the inspection of the airport by our correspondent.

Furthermore, passengers have reacted differently to the movement plan put up by the federal government.

According to Hon. Johnson Erijo, of the Delta State House of Assembly, “No fee has been charged except the money I paid for the ticket. The arrangement for now is perfect though I don’t know what it will become later but what I am experiencing now shows that the operation is seamless and working fine.”

Another passenger, Prof.  Dolapo Lufadeju said, “The screening of passengers is also okay by me as that is for our safety. The important thing is that there may be no need to do another screening in Kaduna since all of us have been screened in Abuja.

“However, I hope the journey from here to Kaduna goes well as I am told that the buses are equipped with security personnel for safety of passengers. The journey looks stressful because this morning I thought of taking taxi cab to Ibadan from Abuja, which takes about 9 hours. Now I am at the airport at 9 o’clock and my flight is 4 pm and I may
get to Ibadan at 4 o clock, so it comes to the same thing.”

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