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Buhari and the burden of integrity

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By Kingsley Iwok

Nigerians need no external prediction nor rating to understand that both the country’s political leadership and her democratic milieu are retrogressively dysfunctional and abysmally threatened; and of cause, amount to being in a fool’s paradise to anticipate any meaningful change with President Buhari at the saddle of leadership, nursing a critically undisclosed illness which among other defects, renders him a persona non-grata at important government functions and ridiculed him for being a frequent medical tourist in another man’s land, London.

Few days ago my path coincidentally crossed with eminent Nigerian, a Chieftain of APC…may be, number two figure in state hierarchy (judging by 2015 Guber-polls); he jestingly said: “Kingsley, Buhari is not dead o.” Hahaha Y.E, when a man’s health is dead, is worse than physical dead. I interjected.

I hold an unrepentant view that Buhari’s health frailty has made him too weak to be in total control of statecraft and unfit to rule, and I opine that the best he can do is to throw-in the towel and return back home to have enough rest and mend fences with his creator in preparatory to eternal life. That is integrity, except he has a different definition of integrity.
Integrity is the ability to admit your weakness and summon courage to change your mind or concede for the good of all( in this case, resignation).

However, in all fairness to president Buhari, I’m not doubtful of his patriotic and good intentions to serve his country, but it raises suspicion if the supposed integrity in service is mortgaged on the altar of sit-tightism, even when it’s apparently clear to him that his service is counter productive and he needs to abdicate.

It is disservice to wail that, upon President’s age-related prolonged sickness, he should still rule. How possible on earth will he be able to wield sufficient leadership and mental stamina that can match the cabalistic tendencies of the crop of power manipulators in and around the Villa, like Baba Gana Kingibe with an unbeatable record for outshining his masters. He was reported to have outshined M.K.O Abiola, his principal by aligning with Gen Sani Abacha for ministerial appointment.

Again, as the SFG, it was alleged to have clandestinely mapped out plans to remove his boss, Late President Umaru Yar’adua, except that he was intercepted and shown the way out. Such and other fraudulent characters surrounding a ‘weak , impotent and sick President’ is the reason for the emergence of grass-cutter fraudsters, lopsided DSS recruitments, covert operation among other criminalization of Government business.

Most recently is the criminally phrasing of ‘co-ordinate’ in a letter to Ag. President Osinbajo.
Mr. President Buhari, where is your integrity?

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