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3 parties withdraw from IPAC in Oyo State

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Three political parties in Oyo State yesterday said they are no longer part of the current Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) in the State but they hope to participate in the next coming IPAC State election come September. The parties include the Peoples for Democratic Change (PDC), Better Nigeria Progressive Party (BNPP) and the African Peoples Alliance Party (APA).

The secretary of the Association of Progressive Political Parties (APPPS), Oyo State Chapter, Mr. Oladuni Olaitan who is also the state Chairman of the Better Nigeria Progressive Party (BNPP) while speaking on the issue, said they decided to pull out to save democracy and advance progressive politics in Oyo State and Nigeria.

According to him “The type of IPAC leadership we have in Oyo, is selfishness and self-covetousness.  We need a platform that is masses-oriented, the one that will put our Constituted Authority in check at all times. The present crops of IPAC excos are too silent and they’ve disappointed us.

Mr. David Akinola, State Chairman of Oyo State APPPS who is also the Chairman of the Peoples for Democratic Change (PDC), said recent developments in IPAC in Oyo State forced them to quit the Council.

He stated that, “Mr. Waheed Oyewole led IPAC in the state have not invited us to a single meeting since their inauguration as Oyo State IPAC Exco. They run Oyo IPAC like a cult group only for some selected political parties. His tenure is worse than his predecessor; thousands of political calamities are currently rocking the Council in the State”. He said.

Also Mr. Tolulope Adedoyin, Oyo State APPPS P.R.O and the State Chairman of the African Peoples Alliance Party (APA) berated Oyewole led IPAC exco for its lack of sound and quality leadership.

According to him “They are not in the good book of the Governor, the Governor do not know whether they exist or not. Even the Oyo State Independent Electoral Commissioner (OYSIEC) does not know they exist. Since their inauguration they’ve not added any visible contribution to the development of democracy in Oyo State. We have no option after several attempts for consultations but to leave IPAC and address our grievances as Association of Progressive Political Parties (APPPS), Oyo State Chapter. We hope that the national headquarters of the IPAC would urgently do something to save the Council and we are extending our hands of friendship to other political parties in the state that are ready to join our course, he said

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