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Dear Madam Waziri,my candid view

by Comr. Kingsley Iwok



The above statement is credited to you, perhaps first ever, since your unceremonious removal from office as EFCC boss about 4 years ago, where you attributed the refusal of backing down from the probe of one of the masterminds of the fuel subsidy scam, to the reason for your dismissal by president Jonathan.

You lamented: “I came to Lagos on a vital intelligence on the subsidy scam and as soon as I arrested a key culprit, I got a call from presidential villa asking me to release the suspect because in their words ” he is our man” but I refused to let him off and days after, I was removed from office.”

Dear Farida Waziri, permit me to lend my voice in this matter not as a meddlesome interloper neither because I am or was in the payroll of former President Goodluck Jonathan, as you were, but as one of the truest concerned Nigerians whose conscience can’t tolerate such a character as yours, hence my rejoinder; and it’s my earnest prayer, therefore, that this shall never meet you in the state of paralytic conscience or memory deficit, which perceptibly was the reason for your goofy claim.

Saint Waziri, in consideration of your statement, but not conceding, that if you weren’t sacked, you would’ve been traumatized by now, going by the revelation of alleged corruption that took place under your former boss, Jonathan. I beg to ask, Ma, what would have been more traumatic to you than a shameful scenario under your watch, where Nigerian James Ibori, was convicted in the UK, for laundering a stupendous sum ? The same man your commission prosecuted in a-Cash-n-Cary style, cleared and refused thereafter, to furnish the metropolitan police investigative team with the needed evidence on the matter. Madam your noncompliance act among under insult on the nation, was seen to have thwarted the Nigeria/foreign partners in the fight against corruption which eventually led to your declaration as a personae non-grata at diplomatic meetings, typified by the threat issued by the then American Ambassador to Nigeria,(I forgot his name) threatening to walkout from one of the meetings with the Nigerian foreign minister, Ojo Madueke, if you, Mrs Farida Waziri was allowed to be at the meeting. Madam Saint, was Jonathan in the picture?

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Maybe, you forgot how the news of your appointment had raised so much opposition on the ground of ethic bizarre and smelly track records of yours in the police force, where members of the senate screening committee strongly objected to your appointment not until some former governors who were indicted over a high profile theft by your predecessor in office, Nuhu Ribadu, reportedly wade into the matter with ghana-must-go bags and dissuaded the supposed distinguished lawmakers to budge. Madam Saint, was Jonathan in the picture?

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In case, you didn’t remember that your chairmanship was widely rejected because Nigerians couldn’t traced to any record where you convicted a single high profile 419 case during your tenure in the police force in charge of the unit meant to fight vices, except claims that you cavorted with more fraudsters and engaged in amorous relationship with some of them, however, one cannot prove the validity of the claims on you, same way you cannot prove the validity of your claim against Jonathan. Madam Saint, was Jonathan in the picture?

I believe you know better than I do, that the degree of intelligence report on public officers across the nation sufficiently available to a country president(s) are so vast that one may be tempted to believe every of his claim, a typical example rested on how the former president Olusegun Obasanjo described your appointment as a ” DISASTER”. Whatever informed-position he made this statement, under whose leadership you once subordinated to, though without portfolio, was nothing more or less than character assassination on your public life and without equivocation, he went on to put a question mark on your track record and objected that you weren’t fit for the job.

His thought was like ours when he berated you for acting the “voice of Jacob but hand of Isau” on Ibori’s case, hence his comment: “if James Ibori, who is now in a UK prison for fraud, handpicked somebody who will fight corruption in Nigeria, then you can understand what happened.” Madam Saint, was Jonathan in the picture?

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Madam, going by the above atrocities under your watch, I think you ought to be more traumatised or do you intend to shift the blame, this time, to Late President Umaru Yar’Adua who was your boss during the Ibori’s saga?

Time will fail to ask why the commission under your chairmanship failed to convict any known high profile corruption case in your first two years in office…was VP Jonathan, as at then was, sabotaging your effort?

Madam Saint, I still don’t get why it took you about 4 years to blow the whistle? Conjecturally, you must be a very patient woman, if not that you got bored living in the oblivion of public life, engrossed with the illusion that your ‘claim gambit’ can get you an appointment in this government though bad enough to remember that Nigerians will be made to remember in a hurry how your tenure was disgraceful and that peradventure can elicit public backlash similar to Maina’s

Madam Saint, If I were to advice you, I would in good stead, urge you to continue to maintain a low profile in public life like your accomplice, Mr. Aondoakaa , to avoid generating public anger in memory of the embarrassment your tenure caused our country, particularly in Ibori’s case.

Thank you!


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