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Sulaiman Voices out loud, dares Buhari

Kingsley Iwok, Abuja


Prof. Abubarkar Sulaiman is one of the known voices in Nigerian Politics, especially in Northern Nigeria.

Recently, he has become ‘irritated’ with the present administration style of leadership by President Buhari. The erudite scholar, who is likely going to become the next Spokesperson of the major opposition Party, PDP, after the next elective convention, voices out:

“President Buhari should be ready to account for the blood of 400 innocent Shite Muslim massacre in Zaria, that of the IDP refugees, the massacre of IPOB members and other state sponsored attacks.

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Mr President must be ready to account for the deep hatred he has shown towards certain groups, which is evident in the lopsided appointments and recruitments by his administration. Today Nigeria is in the crossroad, less than three years after the exit of our great party (PDP) from government, our country bleeds profusely from inept corruption.

I urge President Muhammedu Buhari to prepare to face Allah on his style of governance that has emboldened selective justice by shielding the Babachirs, the Barus, the Jaffars, the Kyaris and many other corrupt cases of his beloved appointees in the last two years.

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I want to say with all sense of responsibility that these actions are neither Islamic nor do they portray the virtue of a good Islamic leader. It’s abundantly clear that hypocrisy and double standards are the hallmark of this administration”, Suleiman said.

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