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Fake Joel Osteen Infiltrates Real Joel Osteen Event,tricks crowd


Joel Osteen impersonator showed up at an actual Joel Osteen event Oct. 28 at The Forum in Los Angeles.

The impersonator and a sidekick filmed the entire episode as the fake Osteen weaved his car around the long line of cars, telling the parking attendees he was Osteen and needed to get to his own event. Then he told security personnel working the gate he needed to get in, and they cordially let him — some even shaking his hand. Comedian Michael Klimkowski, who looks like the real church pastor, coordinated the piece with the Dabs Den sketch group.

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Fans there to see the real Osteen, who’s based out of Houston, asked to take selfies with the unbeknownst imposter. He even one told one lady before taking a selfie with her, “My arms are long. I’m 6-3, Jesus was 5-5.”

Wearing a sleek suit and speaking with a Southern drawl, he told several people “God Bless You” and Go ‘Stros.” The Dodgers and Astros were playing in the World Series at the time.

The fake Osteen made it inside and all the way to the stage — without paying a dime — and chatted with more folks before someone called out “He’s an impersonator.”

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Security escorted the impersonator from the premise and the real Osteen finally took the stage.

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