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Can PDP Get It Right This Time ?

By Kingsley Iwok


I believe in the Shakespearean maxim : “to thy own self, be true.” The truth, therefore, remains that the much expected oppositional steam of the PDP has become a nightmare today, to our chagrin that the erstwhile government party turns out to be a ‘silent opposition’ amid the heated gansterism and garrulous APC-led government.

Consequentially, for the party to get it right in preparatory to 2019; then, the election to the office of the Publicity Secretary in the forthcoming elective-convention must be based on candidate’s pedigree with the capacity to deliver, courageously vocal to dare the status quo, articulately precise on press releases, principled enough not to sale out and richly informed on the art and science of domestic and world politics.


Ladies and gentlemen, without any streak of sentiment, I make bold to say that PROF ABUBARKAR SULEIMAN, owns up to these credentials and his candidacy stands out as the BEST choice for this strategically-very important image-making job of the PDP.

A cerebral Professor of political science/international relations and a former minister of national planning in the last dispensation and later assumed the position of the publicity secretary of the PDP ex-ministers’ forum where he’s speaking courageously against the many excesses of this government.

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Sulaiman is a lone voice from the northern Nigeria that constructively criticizes the rascality of the present government, and a member of the “Top-4” voice defenders of the PDP in the company of Kayode, Fayose and Omokri.

He’s a native of Kwara, same state with the APC’s propagandists; Minister of Information, Lia Mohammed and the ruling party’s Spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi. Imagine the political advantage his nativity with the duo will bring to the party. Also shares same religious faith with the sitting president, that is a good match in a time like this.

He’s a hard core critic of injustice, that I knew right from my days in the university being under his tutorship, and I can attest, that with him at the saddle, the PDP will not only recover its lost oppositional roles, but the development will clearly define the party’s political future in 2019 general elections.

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As Prof. Abubarkar declares his aspiration today, Tuesday 7 November, 2017 for the position of the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, let’s stand with him, not on any primordial consideration but because it’s a just cause, for the good of the party and Nigeria in general.

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