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Namibian President Reveals Africa’s Best-kept Secret

Hage Geingob President of the Republic of Namibia


President of the Republic of Namibia, Dr. Hage G. Geingob, has said “Many African nations aspire to attract foreign investment and hope to create environments to facilitate the flow of people and capital”.

According to him, “Namibia has the great advantage of being one of the most attractive destinations for investors and offering stability, social justice, a government focused on good governance and transparency, gender equality, respect for the environment, improved quality of life, and one of the most beautiful landscapes and unspoiled coastlines in the world”.

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President Geingob, who spoke in United States of America, noted that “If you haven’t already heard much about Namibia it is mostly likely because our nation is peaceful and our national culture is characterized by our quiet determination and our modest nature.

“We don’t make a lot of noise, but as President of Namibia I do want to personally invite interested business leaders and investors to come see for yourselves.

“Our desire to diversify our economy and achieve greater inclusive growth is captured in our Harambee Prosperity Plan that I would like to share with you”.

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He maintained that “In the context of competition in an emerging Africa, the case for Namibia is compelling. I am in New York this week to address the United Nations General Assembly.

“I spoke of the challenges of middle-income countries. I referred to Namibia’s economic development blueprint and our vision for youth employment, our strong support for the Paris Agreement on climate change, and our steadfast belief in the United Nations’ role in fostering prevention and mediation for sustaining peace in the world.

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“But, above all, all Namibians wish the world to know that we are proud of our nation – as large as France but with only 2.4 million inhabitants – and we are open for welcoming a family of investors and visitors who embrace our values and wish to become part of our growing success story”, he said.



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