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Buhari speaks for 6minutes, Nigerians ‘didn’t hear anything’?



Nigerians wake up on Saturday morning to the cheering news from the Presidency, that the long expected President Buhari, who has been in London for more than 100days will be coming back that afternoon, and he (Buhari) would be addressing the nation on Monday morning by 7am.

Nothing could be more cheering and consoling than this statement issued by Nigerian government.

For some Nigerians it was prayer answered, and for others the ‘resume or resign campaign’ worked.

Just like many Nigerians, I had to cut short my morning, to ensure nobody tells me what the president said later, I just needed to hear his voice “live”.

It was one of shortest speech ever by a Nigerian leader, after spending more a 100days ‘abroad’ without talking to his countrymen.

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When I heard ‘God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria’, then National anthem, I was like ‘are you kidding me’? What did he say, I can’t understand, did I listen well? I felt like telling the president to ‘talk again’ at least ‘say something’ make i hear.

Well, when I saw a tweet from one of the strong supporters of President Buhari, the suspended House of Representatives member, Hon Jibrin, Fair for everyone to have ideas and expectations but I did not expect PMB to read a speech this morning like he is announcing a coup d’etat”, it dawns on me that I am not alone in this confusion.

As a Journalist, I quickly try to sample the opinion of my fellow countrymen, and I got this:

Golden-Whyte Senam “Anyway, Mr President should not be crucified for his short address to the nation but the content of his address. He hasn’t touched 1/10th of the national issues.”

Okpala Lawrence Emeka  “Its a pathetic speech from a 21st century Democratic leader,with all DAT has bedeviled d country,d thing he emphasized on is unity by fire by force,on top of all d injustice and nepotism”

Makinde Oladimeji  “Buhari can nt talk more than dis let him resign & let Someone continue becos I kw he has a gud intention for dis country but age is nt on is side anymore. resign! Nd go nd take gud care of ur self, ur children nd grandchildren”

Kelechi Egwu · M.D. “I was surprised after listening to his speech. My conclusion was that this man wants to set war amonst the people. What is he declaring for.”

obiora amazing2012 “Democracy is one man one Vote. that someone is relevant did not make him to has more Votes than others . So Buhari is wrong to believe that Ikemba and him alone will make decisions for all. This is the weakest argument a president can make.”

It seems our beloved President finished his speech, and Nigerians didn’t hear anything. Nigerians wanted to hear what Buhari would say about the lingering issues in the country, but nothing was said.

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But just as Femi Adesina, The President Buhari spokesman told us after the speech that it was just an ‘intro’ from his boss, let Nigerians be hopeful that before the week ends, body of the speech would be read.

Welcome President Buhari!


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