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‘Not too young to rule’ supporter Raymond Shall calls on Nigerians to eschew hate speech



Raymond Ayuba shall, a strong supporter of ‘Not too young to rule’ campaign has called on all Nigerians especially the youths to shun hate speech, that will only divide the country instead of uniting it.

The Adamawa born Sociologist in an exclusive Chat with UNITY TIMES says the country needs unity among ethnic and religious affiliations at this trying and difficult time in Nation’s history:

“it will do us no good as a nation if we embark on hate speeches, especially as young people who believes strongly in this nation. We need to unite more at this time”, Shall says.

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As ardent supporter of the ‘Not too young to rule’ campaign, Raymond calls on the Nigerian leaders to give and provide enabling environment for the young people to serve the country.

Raymond Shall, an indigene of Zah in Hong Local government Area of Adamawa state, who has received wider support and backing from his people to take a shot in 2019 says he is considering representing his people in the state House of Assembly:

“I enjoyed so much support from my people. They really want me to represent them in 2019. I am presently considering the call and offer from my people, because the voice of the people is a times the voice of God”

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Raymond Shall says he believes God wants him to serve his people, and he will not want to disobey. he said, very soon he will make his intention known to the people.


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