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Igbo Hate Song: Ohanaeze faults Northern Elders over silence

John Nnia Nwodo



The leadership of the pan-Igbo group, Oha­naeze Ndigbo, has frowned at the silence of most northern leaders over the hate song being spread against the Igbo in the North.

Only thet former Vice-Presi­dent Atiku Abubakar, has openly and boldly condemned the anti-Igbo song being rendered in Hausa language.

The Ohanaeze had on Thursday reacted to the ugly de­velopment, the group expressed worry over the silence of northern leaders on the hate song against Igbo, in­sisting their silence is unfortu­nate and ominous.

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Chief John Nnia Nwodo, the Presi­dent-General of the head of Igbo body, in a statement said: “The current Hausa-language hate song trending in the social me­dia is despicable, sad and disap­pointing.

“Ohanaeze is appalled that prominent leaders in the North (with the exception of a few), have allowed this development to flourish without reproach. The Arewa youths have stoked the embers of hatred to a discomfort­ing temperature. The toleration of their criminal conduct has por­trayed the Federal Government as biased and unfair.

“Their (Arewa youths) quit notice to fellow Nigerians to leave any part of Nigeria strikes at the fundamental rights of citizenship.

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“The declaration of mop-up action after October 1, 2017, to deal with those who resist

“All the orders of arrest from Kaduna State and the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) seem to be ambivalent and unreal. The youths meet freely with gover­nors of Northern Nigeria and Northern leaders showing that they enjoy their support,” he stressed.

“Ohanaeze gives notice to the Federal Government to deal with this situation decisively or forever be held responsible for the consequences this abdica­tion of responsibility provokes. A stitch in time saves nine”, he em­phasized.

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