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Passion is the drive-Fabulous Apparel Boss

UNITY TIMES Falmata Mustapha cut up with a young and enterprising graduate of Bingham University, Abuja who studied Business Administration now a fashion designer and engaged her on some issues concerning her business. The Borno state born beautiful young lady gives the impression that success can be achieved through hard work and consistently following the rules that guide one’s line of business. The meeting with the CEO of “Fabulous Apparel” Ms Pana Gadzama as she calls her outfit leaves no one in doubt that she is carving a niche for herself in the fashion industry.  

She specializes on women designs ranging from casuals to occasional wears. Her collections speak for her any time anywhere. According to her, the uniqueness of her style lies in her creative thinking and power of imagination. The company which was established early 2016 is already breaking forth.  Excerpts:


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UNITY TIMES: Can we know about you?

Ms Pana: My name is Pana Gadzama, a graduate of Business Administration from Bingham University, Abuja. I am from Borno State, based in Abuja, and into fashion designing .I established my company early 2016 immediately I graduated from the university.

UNITY TIMES: Of all the businesses women go into today you chose fashion, why fashion?

Ms Pana:  I chose fashion because I have always seen myself as a fashion designer and I have great passion for it. When one decides on going into a business line, you don’t just go into it because you want to; you go into it because you have the passion for it. It should be something you like, something you can call a hobby or something that is part of you.

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 UNITY TIMES: Did you attend a fashion school?

Ms Pana: No, I didn’t attend a fashion school but with the help of few friends who are already into the business they guided me through. Although, I know how to sketch my designs, so at the end of the day with ideas from friends, I come up with something “fabulous”.

 UNITY TIMES: How was “Fabulous Apparel” born?

Ms Pana: Wow, I just believe I had to come up with something really nice that would attract people and make them go for it. The word ‘’fabulous” means something extraordinary while “apparel” means clothing. The name was gotten after a few deliberations with some of my cousins and me.

 UNITY TIMES: On an average day, how do you run your business life?

Ms Pana: As we all know, nothing good comes easy, you have to be hardworking. It’s always a stressful day for me because I have to get the kind of fabrics I require, meet my designers at their locations, draw a new sketch of designs every day, the packaging and the delivery. But like I said earlier, when you have the passion, you just ignore the stress and enjoy every bit of it.

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UNITY TIMES: What advice would you give the upcoming entrepreneurs who are interested in going into fashion business?

Ms Pana: My advice for the young entrepreneurs “whatever business line you want to invest in, you should dedicate your mind and time to it, put in your best efforts and I believe God would see you through”

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