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Lagos To Declare Council Election Results At Collation Centres – LASIEC Boss



The Chairman of the Lagos State Independent Commission (LASIEC), Hon. Justice Ayotunde Phillips has said that the results of elections into Chairmanship and Councillorship positions in the state’s 57 Local Government and Local Council Development Areas scheduled for Saturday will be announced at the councils and Wards Collation Centres.


She made this known on Tuesday while speaking with some stakeholders on the preparations ahead the elections.


Phillips stressed that the Commission would, however, be monitoring developments at the various Collation Centres and other locations in the State through reports sent to the Election Support Centre at the headquarters by the field officers of the Commission.

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Meanwhile, the Commission has continued the deployment of non-sensitive materials to the Electoral Officers in the 57 LGS/LCDAs of the State in preparations for the elections.


“With the early deployment of the materials to the LGs/LCDAs, the Commission intends to eliminate any delay that could militate against the smooth conduct of the elections on Saturday,” she said.


The Electoral Officers are expected to distribute the materials to Supervisory Presiding Officers in their LGs/LCDAs who will, in turn, distribute the materials to the Presiding Officers for the conduct of the elections.

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