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North Korea Kim Jong Un and his wife host banquet for recently tested Missile developers

Anietie Udobit,Agency reports


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hosted a banquet honoring the developers of an intercontinental ballistic missile his country recently tested, with a special guest making a rare appearance: his wife.

Footage of the meal appeared Tuesday on North Korean state broadcaster KRT, which showed Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, sitting at a table replete with fruit, beverages and large floral arrangements — as well as what appeared to be a miniature model of a missile launcher.

It was the first time Ri had made a public appearance since March, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap. The inner-workings of the North Korean regime and Kim’s family remain largely opaque to foreign observers, who study appearances by officials and the leader’s relatives for any clues into developments in the secretive nation.

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North Korea first confirmed in 2012 that Ri had married Kim, according to the Associated Press. She has rarely appeared in public since then.

The video of the banquet showed attendees sitting around circular tables, standing and applauding as Kim and others at his table appeared to share a toast. A screen on stage showed a photograph of Kim signing an order to test-fire the ICBM.

North Korea tested the missile on July 4. The move was met with international condemnation.

North Korea has launched a number of missiles in recent months but has celebrated the ICBM test more than others. State television last week aired footage of a rally in Pyongyang marking the occasion, and this week showed video of Kim attending a concert lauding the launch.

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