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Google Has Announced It’s London Data Centre


Google has just announced its London data centre for the cloud computing services.

The facility which was built in London making it the second in Europe, after Brussels, which promises to provide faster access times to its customers.

According to recent study, Google is currently the third most capable cloud computing service provider, with Amazon and Microsoft taking the lead.

Though, in terms of sales to the cloud infrastructure as a service market, Google’s share is distant third, according to the technology consultancy.

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After announcing the London centre, it also unveiled plans to open facilities in Finland, the Netherlands and Frankfurt.

Statistics shows that in cities like London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Amsterdam, the performance testing shows 40% to 82% reductions in round-trip latency when serving customer from London compared with the Belgium region.”

Google’s platform allows clients to offload data processing tasks and information storage, including support for apps they may offer to the public and analysing feedback gathered from internet-connected devices.

The platform charges customers for the amount of compute time they use rather than a flat rate.

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