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Hundreds police officers injured in G-20 protests, Mrs. Trump barred from leaving Germany residence

-Anietie Udobit,Agency reports


At least 196 police officers have been injured in protests in the streets of Hamburg, Germany, where the G-20 summit is taking place.

The demonstrations, which began Thursday ahead of the summit, continued Friday as thousands of officers clad in riot gear sought to prevent the mostly anti-capitalist protesters from disrupting the summit. One officer suffered a fractured limb, police said.

Large fires burned in the streets of Hamburg after a second day of violent demonstrations. Protesters looted nearby buildings as well.

While some groups of protesters staged peaceful demonstrations, others torched vehicles and hurled objects at officers. Police used water cannons to disperse rowdy protesters who came too close to the summit venue.

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In one instance, a policeman had to fire a warning shot to disperse multiple people who were beating a man on the ground, police said. The perpetrators escaped, police said.

At least 83 people have been arrested since the protests started, according to Hamburg police. An additional 19 people have been detained but not yet formally arrested, police said.

Some 15,000 officers were already deployed to Hamburg for the summit, but the escalating violence has prompted the city to request additional reinforcements.

One protester, Mark Poole, told ABC News he’s angry with how authorities reacted to the demonstrations.

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“The police attacked first,” he said.

Poole, a Hamburg resident, said he came out to protest because U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other “fascist” leaders had arrived in his city.

“I want them out,” he said. “I don’t want them here.”

He added, “These 20 most powerful countries in the world do nothing to make the world a better place.”

Another protester, who didn’t give his name, told ABC News he was demonstrating for environmental issues.

“There’s a need for change to stop the destroying of the planet and of the resources,” he said in an interview Friday.

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Earlier today, U.S. first lady Melania Trump was not allowed to leave the residence where she and the president are staying in Hamburg because of ongoing G-20 protests.

The first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said that Melania Trump was “completely safe” at the residence.

As a result, Melania Trump missed out on the spousal program accompanying the summit, which Grisham said she was looking forward to attending. “It’s unfortunate,” Grisham said.

Spouses of world leaders were invited to a boat ride, lunch and a tour of a climate control center, according to The Associated Press.

-[ABC News]


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