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2019: If You Need a Change, Make a Change

By Kingsley Iwok

Sadly, from progressive country, in seventies, to retrogressive at the present;  Small and medium scale businesses are getting off the markets in droves, on daily basis, whilst indigenous companies are increasingly winding up for imperialistic dominant multinational companies and food production dwindling in geometrical proportion against the daily growing rate of our population. Squandermania, sabotage and other economic woes are indisputably the function of visionless and self-serving leaders who run the affairs of our country in trust.

If, therefore, we keep wallowing in an orgy of blame, carrying the banner of protest or persist in complaining, wailing and bemoaning our fate in the twilight of this malaise, we risk the bitter-sweet taste of drowning in the brackish waters of our tears. It’s rather instructive we admit that this evil only thrives as the result of the poverty of politics associated with our electoral attitudes towards the polls where consciences are mortgaged on the altar of inducements, religion, ethnicity and divers other primordial considerations.

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The Holy book asked: “should we continue in sin that grace may abound?” Absolutely, no!

As 2019 gathers momentum, one must take a decision that is not based on politics, religion, ethnic or money, but on conscience that says it’s right. This alone could be the most potent tool we can use for the possible realization of our dreams towards freedom from the webs of unscrupulous jingoistic politicians who hover around every government with disguised intentions similar to that of the devil to kill, steal and destroy the economy of our nation.

They’ve been ruling from the days of Methuselah yet, no economic improvement and no retirement, only for us to become obsessed with their political aspirations similar to that of the monkey over a banana.

Again, don’t forget that some of them claiming saints today, were members and major beneficiaries of PDP from inceptions, who used to sing her praises not until 2015, they capitulated and started confessing “CHANGE” like apostates in the enclave of baboons. They are chronic liars who are in serious need of genuine repentance from character bankruptcy.

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They kept capitalising on our naivety through the instrument of progressive in order to gain political favour in their new found party, and funny enough, they are back today using their proxies to drum the songs of 2019 to our ears, mostly on social media. Unfortunately, we are gradually succumbing like bulldogs.

Of course one cannot rule out from the leadership style of these opportunists, an upsurge of the politics of patronage in place of the politics of patriotism and the politics of tribalism in place of nationalism.

Leadership is a business for serious minds not for clowns; therefore, we must say enough is enough to the shenanigans of our politicians in 2019, where our democratic rights must be used in such a way as to ensure that the right persons are chosen to lead.

We must not confuse champions for leaders, or prominence for credibility.

We must not confuse eloquence for honesty; neither must we confuse silence for wisdom. We must not confuse good looks for efficiency or bravery for courage.

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We must not confuse wealth for generosity. We must not confuse promise for ideology.

What type of leaders do we need?

We need leaders who will endure fairness and equity to various groups.

We need leaders who will have the right judgment, both of people and of situations.

We need leaders who shall be accountable to the people and are subject to the collective will of the people.

We need leaders who are fanatical to the people’s welfare and must be at all times stand for justice and symbolise good government.

We need leaders who will attract the kind of lieutenant that can best further the interests of the people.

We need leaders who possess ability to inspire the people out of despondency.

We need leaders who have considerable intellects and of a certain age limit.

Above all, we need leaders who are godly.

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