There has been much trouble since the swearing in of President Jonathan on May 29, 2011; a problem which was foreseen by so many prior to that date. Some politicians have live to regret the day Goodluck Jonathan had that Goodluck to become the president. The tension is high again, and it looks like some predictions are fulfilling already. With the PDP endorsement of Goodluck Jonathan for 2015, what does it foretell- another 4years for Goodluck? IBIM Herald this week on the state of the Nation.


On May 6, 2010, following President Yar’Adua’s death, Goodluck Jonathan assumed office as substantive President, and subsequently presented himself as a candidate for the 2011 Presidential elections under the ruling PDP. On May 29, 2011, he was sworn in as President, the fifth elected leader of Nigeria since independence.

Its barely 8months to the expiration of the tenure, and the country is again boiling as many have perceived or imagined the ambition of President Jonathan to contest again. It has become a thing of concern for many Nigerian political gladiators who assumed that ‘the power of incumbency is uncontestable’. For these men, the best way to stop an incumbent from being re-elected is not to allow him at all to contest.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for these men, the country has been ruled by one party since the beginning of this new democratic dispensation. This same party happens to be where the incumbent stands or sits on.

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So much has been done in the past few years by the ‘unseen’ men to make sure President Jonathan does not stop at May 29, 2015. Presently, the hands are becoming visible as the cloud has gathered, all in support or campaign for Jonathan’s re-election. Not less than 7,000 social organizations have come together across the nation to draw the drum for the president second term bid. Though President Jonathan has not made any statement on this regard but the hand writing is already on the wall.

The biggest challenge of President Jonathan was perceived to have been the decision of his party if by any way he declares his intention to contest in 2015. It was a challenge considering the insinuations and propagandas that President may not be given the party ticket if he indicates interest, especially considering his fall-out with his perceived political god-father, former president Olusegun Obasanjo, who happens to be a major deciding factor in PDP politics.

It became shocking and a blow to many political observers especially the opposition parties, when the leadership of the ruling PDP recently endorsed the President as the Party sole candidate for 2015 Presidential elections. According to the Party, its decision to endorse President Goodluck Jonathan as the sole presidential candidate of the party is as a result of the party’s desire to exempt a sitting president who is eligible for a second term and is deemed to have performed creditably from re-contesting for the ticket of the party in a primary election.

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This, among other reasons, was what informed the decision taken by the different organs of the PDP when they unanimously endorsed Jonathan as the sole presidential candidate of the party for the 2015 general election.

According to Party sources, who provided clarification on the issue, said following the endorsement of Jonathan, which shall be ratified at the National Convention on December 6, the PDP has decided to make it the norm by automatically endorsing a sitting president as is the case in other countries such as the United States of America, where the presidential system of government is in practice.

The party’s Board of Trustees (BoT) supported the position of the PDP Governors’ Forum in endorsing Jonathan as a way of solidarity and brotherhood.

The endorsement of the president was seen also as a clear way to stem divisions within the party as was the case after the 2011 presidential primary when former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, who had emerged the consensus candidate of the North, lost out to Jonathan.

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After his defeat at the 2011 PDP presidential primary, Atiku refused to concede defeat and did not congratulate Jonathan after his victory at the primary.

This action caused divisions and raised suspicions among party members. The action of the PDP has received both applause and criticism from different quarters. It has also instilled fear in the camp of other contestants. The opposition All Progressives Congress has already cried woe with the latest development. According to the party, the endorsement of Jonathan as the only candidate of PDP is a mockery of democracy.

APC’s national publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said, “Who then is afraid of internal democracy. It is not that endorsement is entirely bad but the apparent shutting out of other aspirants does not augur well for democracy.”

Some Nigerians and political pundits have already seen the statement of the major opposition party APC, as a sign of frustration and anguish.

But the question is, does this endorsement a fait accompli? Does it means the election and swear in of Goodluck Jonathan in May 2015?

Only time will tell.

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