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COCMEGG Kicks Against US Court Judgement On Biafra, Army


‎The Coalition of Civil Societies and Media Executives for Good Governance (COCMEGG) has‎ kicked against a judgement between Biafra and the Nigeria army, noting that the court has no jurisdiction on a case of a sovereign country.

In a press release signed by COCMEGG National President, Omoba Kenneth Aigbegbele, he said that the said suit was brought under the torture victim protection Act and Alien tort claims Act complaint of the USA

Dismissing the case, Aigbegbele noted that “The attention of COCMEGG has been drawn to the recent Newspaper publication and online publication respectively dated June, 12, 2017 with the caption “Buratai, 13 others taken to US District Court over protests.” He said it is also an aberration that a US Court could even contemplate to entertain such court actions over persons based in Nigeria and over facts allegedly occurred in Nigeria and which had
been looked into in Nigeria, which lacks evidence and has no basis whatsoever and was thrown out for lack of merit.

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“It is ridiculous and laughable for a judge to rule on the sovereignty of another nation without due process says much about the verdict in itself. The said petitioners had not exhausted the legal provisions as enshrined both in our constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the African Charter including the ECOWAS Court which is another platform for them to table their allegations but they resorted to the US Court which is an aberration, an abuse of judicial process and not enable anywhere in the world.


“The publication alleges that a US district Court of the District of Columbia granted leave to 10 Biafran plaintiffs to sue Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Buratai and 13 others for complicity in the 2016 alleged torture and extra-judicial killings under colour of Nigeria law to retaliate for peaceful Biafran protest against ethnic or religious oppression.”

The National Coordinator emphasized that the US judiciary ought to know that Nigeria is a sovereign nation, hence  it is an aberration and against international law and diplomacy for a US court to entertain suits against Nigerian public officers in the US.

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