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Nigerian’s Security Problems Self-inflicted – Osinbajo


Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has stated that the nation’s security challenges are self-inflicted, blaming the situation on the failure of the state to create an inclusive society.

Speaking yesterday at a conference organized by the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers (NALT) at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), Awka, Anambra State to mark the Golden Jubilee of the
association Osinbajo further stated that most of the elite who participated in plundering the nation’s treasury thereby contributing to the prevailing poverty, youth unemployment pretentiously turn round
to sponsor ethnic agitation to make their people believe that their problems have to do with their ethnic identity.

The theme of the NALT 50th anniversary conference which attracted many legal egg- heads in the country was “Law, security and national development”.

Acting President Osinbajo charged participants at the conference to subject the nation’s justice delivery system to a rigorous interrogation so as to build a trust around the rule of law.

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Osinbajo stated that the legal system of the country cannot survive and serve its purpose to the society without serious and incisive reconsideration.

“We are the custodians and creators of the underlying concept and foundation premises of law”, Osinbajo who is a professor of law and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) reminded his co-legal experts.

“We are the thinkers for our system of justice, we have often contested to usefulness of law to the society, we talked about the influence of capitalism, socialism among others on our system of law
and justice. We need to rigorously interrogate the fundamentals of the jurisprudence of system of law and justice,” he stated.

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Pointing out that most of the security problems of the nation are self-inflicted by corrupt practices, Osinbajo urged those trusted with the power of delivering justice  not abdicate it.

According to him “Boko Haram in the North East, militants in the Niger Delta and herdsmen and farmers clashes were as a result of poverty.”

He stated that the current spate of agitations in the country were centered around the alleged failure of the state to create an inclusive society, a failure to guarantee the security of lives and property by the agencies charged with that responsibility, and to build trust around the rule of law and justice system of

He stated that lack of provision of basic needs to the largest number of people remained the greatest source of tension in the polity.

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Osinbajo stated that unemployment makes the youths vulnerable to being recruited by kidnappers, anti-social agitation, and violence of any sort.

He stated that constant agitation for national resources was a product of individual deprivation, stressing that the individual deprivation was taken up by the ethnic nationalities as a group agitation.

The acting president stated that it was the failure of the state to deliver on the basic needs of the people that made individuals to turn to their tribal groups to seek succor as a way of agitation.

He insisted that some political elite who failed the people by embezzling public funds are at the forefront of pretending to their people that their deprivation was as a result of their ethnic identity.

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