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Kaduna Declaration: Major Al-Mustapha, MASSOB Leader Meet To Broker Peace


Former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha (rtd) and the leader of the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) Chief (Dr) Ralph Nwazurike yesterday at a meeting held in Kaduna resolved to broker peace over the quit notice issued the Igbos to leave the northern region tagged, ‘Kaduna Declaration’.

The meeting which was organised at the instance of Major Al-Mustapha was apparently to intervene into the trending impasse threatening the unity and oneness of the country particularly with the recent quit notice on Igbos resident in the north by coalition of northern youths organisations.

According to Major Al-Mustapha, the youths need to wear their thinking caps and use their brains and refused being used to ferment any form of crisis that could affect the unity of the country.

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He said that the development in Nigeria that is causing tension is not surprising, because same may have been sponsored by countries that envy Nigeria.

He explained that in achieving their aims, they could even go as far as sponsoring stooges to leadership positions in the country, or backing rebels to stop countries with huge potentials from reaching
their peak.

Al-Mustapha while cautioning the youth from the North, from making statements that would further cause tension in the country, said the youths actions may be borne out of frustration as a result of
unpleasant comments coming from the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.
“We are appealing that our younger ones who have been declared wanted should be set free, and the order of arrest should be rescinded because it is not the solution.”

Speaking also, MASSOB leader, Chief Uwazurike averred that the crisis in Nigeria is being manipulated and caused by politicians, stressing that “the youth must not allow that, the country must continue to
exist as one nation but issues of marginalization can be discussed.”

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Uwazurike explained that when he founded MASSOB in 1999, it was purely meant to be a peaceful platform through which issues of perceived marginalisation of the Igbo’s in Nigeria could be discussed and tackled.

He explained that even though it was right for any part of the country to seek self-determination, it was wrong to pursue same through violent means.

“I handed over Radio Biafra which I created to Nnamdi Kanu in London as the managing director and was hoping it would serve the purpose for which it was created, but was disappointed that politicians hijacked it and it became something else,” he said.

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Speaking further, the MASSOB leader assured Northerners in all the Eastern part of the country of their safety, while thanking Major Hamza Almustapha (rtd) for assuring same for the Igbos in the North.

“I want to assure northerners that your people in the South East are safe and nobody will harass them and am happy that my friend Al-Mustapha has also given same assurance of the safety of our people
in the north.

“Self-determination without violence is a fundamental right, we must strive against sowing the seed of discord but do all that will promote peace and justice.

“There is a gap of communication from our leaders which needs to be bridged hence we are meeting with notable leaders in the north to persuade them that there is no cause for alarm,” he reiterated.

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