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Password On Your Phone Could Kill You

By Samuel C. Prince-Nnaji


There is certainly no doubt that the world has taken another dimension in this technological era. The speed is unprecedented; the world has never been this fused together before. The world has become a ‘global village’, it moves faster now than the speed of light. Communicating with the man in Asia from Africa takes less than a millisecond. The world has come to be accustomed to this trend, all thanks to technological drives.

Technology has birthed a device, ‘mobile phone’. This piece of technological innovation has made our lives even easier and our businesses have prospered beyond what was obtainable in the 20th century.

Today, we can travel the world round sitting at the corner of our living room. The model of telecommunication device in use hitherto wasn’t designed for everyone as only the financially privileged could afford to own one, but it is certainly no longer so today. Its brand has been transformed with much more comfort at the reach of over 95.5% of the world population.

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password 3This modernization has driven the world deep into a new paradigm of imagination and has drastically influenced our reasoning system and strength. Everyone is becoming what he or she desires, leveraging on what technology imbued in this piece of device.

The point here is mobile phone avails its user varieties of functions that could be used to solve problems.

However, one of the functions that is being misused is that very one that should be protecting us – ‘pass-wording the phone’. The way we treat our privacy, often times, not taking into cognizance the effect that it could have on our life is more dangerous than could be imagined.

Locked phone, preventing access

We put passwords on almost everything that we have just to prevent people from having access to our secrets and information.

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password 2
Mobile Phone on password

But one thing we fail to realize, is that pass-wording our mobile phones is also preventing it from carrying out one of its basic functions on security. Instead of using the phone to secure our lives, we rather secure our intangible contents on it to the detriments of our lives.

In a recent scenario, an accident occurred and about four persons were unconscious.  Consequently, the only instant and possible solution was to make a quick call to alert any relation of the victims.  Good enough, each of them had two phones. Ironically, they were all pass-worded. So as much as the Good Samaritan who came to the scene tried to help, it could only yield no result. At last, the four lives were lost.

Undoubtedly, the wrong use of technology could slowly or instantly annihilate the same life it was meant to enhance.

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While writing this piece, one very heart-touching story crossed my mind. Two kids were left alone at home by their mother who had gone to market.

Not too long, some group of men broke into their compound and made straight to the main house where the kids were, intending to hurt or kidnap them.

Luckily, the little children already sighted the men and ran into their parents’ room. Alas! Their mom forgot her android phone on the table. They picked it up, ‘it was not on password’. So, they reached their dad. That saved the situation! You would ask: what would have been their fate had the phone been pass-worded? Your guess is as potent as mine; their family would probably be grieving.

When next you think of pass-wording your phone, remember that your information is nothing compared to the  lives of your loved ones and your life.

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