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Why celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the Black Friday

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-Monica Omachi

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with lot of joy and enthusiasm not only in US but other countries as well. It symbolizes the feeling of gratitude, people feel towards God for bestowing constant grace and love. More commonly it is celebrated to thank God for the bounty of autumn harvest.
The official Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It is generally a “four-day” weekend in the United States. Friday right after thanksgiving is popularly known as ‘Black Friday’. It is the official beginning of Christmas season and is marked with the highest retail volume sales in USA. The day got its name from the standard accounting practice of marking profits in black ink in the US.
Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with the customary ‘feast’ shared among friends and family. It is an important family gathering, and people often travel far distances to be with family members for the celebration. The traditional Turkey is the most important dish cooked in every house as part of the feast. Pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and corn dishes also form a part of the family dinner. American football and parade is a yearly feature to mark the celebration of thanksgiving.
In a nutshell, Thanksgiving is all about loving, caring, sharing and communal harmony. It is all about being grateful to not only God but also your fellowmen. It is also about reaping the benefits of the yearlong hard work and struggle.
Some American citizens yesterday express their opinion on 2016 Thanksgiving Day;
The TD parade is one of my favorite events. Not enough superlatives to describe how wonderful the marching bands, floats etc. are in America’s home town parade. I would recommend to anyone to visit & enjoy this parade. It is voluntary and contribution generated, so please donate generously to keep it as spectacular as it was this year! Thank you to all participants!
In my opinion, this is the best thanksgiving parade in the nation. Every year has a well-planned theme, and everything lines up with it. Top quality floats and bands, and quality people running it make it a real pleasure to help out, and make me proud to be a part of! I have lost count of the number of years i have done so with my family. Then there are concerts, and events, and demonstrations, and a food festival that make it a complete weekend celebration. Well worth my trip in from Pennsylvania this year!shoprite
Until recently, people believed Thanksgiving Day to be a celebration of pilgrims, offering food to Indians. It however is a day marked as a gesture of thanks and gratitude to Lord Almighty for his blessings. It is also a celebration to mark the respect towards Indians for teaching the pilgrims how to cook. Pilgrims could not have survived without the help of the native Indians.
Thanksgiving Day is a time of festivity, family meals and reunions in America. Carved turkeys, Pumpkin Pie, Corns, Cranberry Sauce are the traditional dishes adorning the dinner tables in almost every house. A time for feasting, Thanksgiving Day epitomizes the holiday mood of people.
Thanksgiving is a time for gifting your family and friends. The day is a time to show your gratitude and respect to your elders, friends, your siblings and also your colleagues. Popular gifts include thanksgiving flowers, jewelry, baked cookie hampers, chocolate gift baskets, candy-wreaths, wine etc.
Thanksgiving Day is the official beginning of the Christmas season. USA witnesses maximum sales volume on the very next day. The following Friday after thanksgiving is famously known as ‘Black Friday’. This is so, because of the standard accounting practice of writing profits in black. The ongoing festive spirit, shopping spree, helps the shopkeepers to register maximum sales and profits. The entire atmosphere during the time is euphoric; people get in a holiday mood. Families visit restaurants, amusement parks, gift each other, decorate their house etc.

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